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    Ukrainian fashion brand Madgie was founded to suit girls who prefer trying different images and keeping their best look at the same time. From elegant and confident business style to chic and natural street fashion. The brand’s concept is defined by its founder – Maryna Romaniuk – sensitive, creative and strong-willed person with a practical approach to life. Mathematical sciences along with the university degree in Architecture and Design became the background of her personal development. Working as a fashion-photographer, cooperating with other brands as well as owning a business in wholesale and retail of international brands created «the general picture» which, afterwards, became the concept of Madgie.Madgie girl is a strong-willed and confident personality, living in a hustle and bustle of a modern big city. Assertive, independent and self-assured, she hardly ever tolerates any pressure. Determined and successful during the day, charming and mysterious, she is under spotlight everywhere she goes.

    Be elegant during the day, stunning in the evening, seductive at night!